Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What makes me laugh

Once again I am participating in the let's blog off activity. Today's topic is What makes you laugh? I have always enjoyed the comics and particularly like this Dilbert cartoon. As architects we sometimes tend to take ourselves too seriously and need to laugh at ourselves more often.

I love the radio show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Paula Poundstone and Mo Rocca always have me in stitches. The highlight of my year in 2009 was being on the show and winning Carl's voice on my home answering machine. It makes me laugh to hear him answer my phone.

Embarrassed by  their premature arrival, Gary & Elaine's decorative Christmas trees made their way back upstairs for another month.

I regularly check out what is happening in the catalog lives of Gary & Elaine in the blog Catalog Living http://catalogliving.net/

I have to laugh at South Carolina Politics because otherwise I would hide under the covers and cry!
Finally my dog, Jasper, provides lots of laughs. He is scared of acorns and chases frogs

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cindyfw said...

Jane: havent keyed into the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me show, have to try that. and I cry regularly over KS politics too. now Missouri's nearly as bad. head under a blanket tonight! or in a book. cindy @urbanverse