Monday, August 23, 2010

Amen Street Light Fixtures

A few weeks ago we went out to lunch at Amen Street Resturant in Charleston. I highly recommend eating there for the great fresh fish and local produce. We were quite taken with the light fixtures that were made out of oyster shells. They are made locally by Lowcountry Lighting Originals They will make custom sizes and finishes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Closed Crawl Spaces

If you have had second thoughts about having a closed crawl space in the hot, humid South..think again. The North Carolina research company Advanced Energy "has confirmed over the long term...that outside air contains more water vapor than the air in the crawl space during the warm seasons, and has no potential to dry the crawl space. Instead, the outside air ends up contributing water vapor to the crawl space." Thereby, vented crawl spaces support mold growth in a hot, humid climate. Advanced Energy's research on closed crawl spaces compared to vented crawl spaces showed that "closed crawl spaces consistently outperformed the wall-vented crawl spaces in terms of both moisture control and energy use." Learn more about closed crawl spaces here